DearSHAREA platform for creators and followers to find friends. Creators provide better exclusive content, followers give feedback and support, and jointly encourage more meaningful content.
Dearshare Intro
DearSHARE Idea
Content has a priceCreators directly set prices for content, no longer rely on advertisers, provide better quality and authentic content, and obtain reasonable remuneration, protect copyright, and support creation.
Break the boundariesAnyone can be a creator, showing charm and talent on the platform, and at the same time as a follower, supporting favorite creators.
Free operationThe choice to provide free or paid content is up to you. You can choose the image positioning and creation type. It is both diversified and unique. Anyone can exchange the resources they want here.
Mutual respectThe payment platform advocates the principle of support, eliminates cost-free harassment and abuse, and promotes more meaningful communication.

Why choose DearSHARE

The only traditional Chinese interface

It is more convenient for Asian users, supports traditional Chinese and English, one-click conversion, and breaks the language barrier.

More protection of copyright privacy

The platform is committed to combating piracy and protecting the privacy of users. It has a watermark anti-theft function. Once piracy or outflow is found, the account of the offending user will be immediately deactivated.

Clear monthly fee plan

The content and subscription plan are updated every month. The content in the subscription plan is not stacked, which makes it easier for followers to trace the content of different years and months, and also reduces the risk of creators being outflowed in large numbers.

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